2017 Scholarship Winners
We are so excited to announce our 2017 Scholarship Winners! Mitchell Lueders, Daniel Chumley, Evan Koering, and Isaac Zink. These lucky young men will be entering into their second year of the Mechatronics Program at ATCC in the fall. The smiles on their faces
are a result of the generosity of our wonderful sponsors and the community who enjoys the festivities of Awake the Lakes Ribfest. See you all June 24th!!

2016 Scholarship Winners
Great day for Awake the Lakes. We felt privileged to award these well deserving young men scholarships today. Dustin Johnson, Michael Burg. Zachary Schmitz, and Dylan Lee, we are proud of you, and congratulations!!

Past winners below...

We are proud to announce the Awake the Lake Scholarship Winners!

Corey Hoffman and Collin Rudy are the lucky recipients.

They are students at Alexandria Technical and Community College who will be entering their 2nd year of the Mechatronics Program in the fall.

These scholarships are available because of the generous sponsors we have in our community, and the support of everyone who enjoys Awake the Lakes Ribfest!